Donate to the Earthquake Victims in Syria Appeal

War, poverty, and earthquake

In the Leiden region, several people have families in districts of northern Syria in Aleppo, Idlib, and Latakia or southern Turkey, including refugee camps. Many of these people had already been displaced by the violence in Syria.

Due to the civil war and sanctions imposed on Syrian banks, it is almost impossible to send aid while communications are very limited. Recently, LSM cooperated with the Journalists Committee in Syria to provide access to assistance through it. Syrian journalists will help families in the various disaster areas affected by the earthquake in Syria. Donations go especially to affected families in disaster areas who have suffered massive damage, both material damage and immaterial

For many people who are already living in a precarious, insecure, and unstable situation due to more than 12 years of civil war, this earthquake made their condition hopeless.

The LSM Foundation in Leiden aspires to help people affected by this terrible disaster with your help. Donate now to take part in helping affected and injured people via our official bank account number:  NL87 SNSB 0339 4845 27



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