‘Together as a human family’, this is the ideal world for the Leids Support Desk for Migrants (LSM). With our work we want to connect people, regardless of background, age or status. But we cannot do it alone and can use your support!

Will you help?

With your donation we can:

  • Set up and continue a consultation hour in which LSM gives people with a migration background advice and information about social and / or legal challenges. Think, for example, of elderly migrants or victims of war who struggle with piles of letters from the government that they do not fully understand. With your contribution, this service can remain free and therefore accessible!
  • Promote academic research in the field of migration. We want to use our knowledge, expertise and network to bridge the gap between the academic world and society. We do this, for example, by creating internships for students. With your contribution we can provide a good working space and internship supervision.
  • The Education Bridge project: This project aims to help young people with a migration background and without a migration background between the ages of 12 and 17, by offering them targeted assistance. This concerns pupils where it is restless at home or the parents do not speak the language well. Our goal is to help this audience to a level where they can participate in school without feeling overwhelmed. We also want to increase their self-confidence.

How do you become a friend of LSM?

Do you want to support our valuable work? Become our friend. This can be done by donating a fixed amount monthly or annually. A one-time gift is of course also very welcome! You can transfer your donation to NL87 SNSB 0339 4845 27 t.n.v. LSM Foundation in Leiden stating: Friends of LSM.

As a thank you for your donation you will receive:

  • 20% discount on home-delivered meals from the social catering and 20% discount on the meals we provide in the eatery.
  • As soon as meetings are allowed again, you are welcome to our music and dance evenings and we invite you to our annual appreciation  dinner with international dishes.
  • Our newsletter with updates on our projects and activities.

We appreciate it if you submit your name and e-mail address via the registration form below, so that we can personally thank you for your gift!

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