The Challenge

There are warnings about higher energy prices. Rising gas prices mean higher energy bills. There are currently low-income households combined with higher energy bills.

Energy helpdesk migrants is an extension initiative of the walk-in clinic by the Leids Steunloket Migranten foundation. With this project, the LSM aims to reach and advise as many different groups and multilingual migrants in Leiden as possible.

The Goal

We aim to have an energy helpdesk in various languages: besides Dutch, English, and Arabic, we are also looking at French, Persian, Turkish, Tigrinya, and many more.

Based on our experience with the target group, we aim to reach as many groups and multilingual migrants in Leiden as possible. To better understand energy poverty, it is important to look not only at the affordability of the energy bill but also at the quality of the home and the possibilities of residents to make it more sustainable.

At the energy helpdesk migrants, our volunteers/energy coaches offer information, advice, referral, guidance, mediation with energy companies, cooperation with neighbourhood ambassadors, and building associations in Leiden (Portaal, de Sleutels, Ons Doel) to make agreements on energy-saving options. Our volunteers (energy coaches) visit people’s homes and not only give tips and advice but also make small changes to their homes, such as installing draught strips and radiator foil, free of charge.

Through flyers in different languages, the LSM is going to spread information about the energy helpdesk so that people can reach us more easily. The flyers will be translated and distributed in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Amharic, Tigrinya, English, Spanish, and French. We aim to make 3 home visits every week to reach out to participants. Moreover, we are working on all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and also further development of our website.

Energy helpdesk criteria

With this project, the LSM aims to reach out to as many migrants from different people groups as possible.  Refugees, newcomers, regular migrants, older migrants, young migrant families, student migrants, and both tenants and homeowners. With this project, the LSM aims to encourage the involvement of Leiden migrants in the energy transition. By offering more information and translation services, there will be a clearer picture of the energy transition among migrants in Leiden, which will result in a more positive effect and awareness of it. There will be knowledge building and cooperation with a knowledge partner.

Chain Partners

Recently, the LSM has expanded its network whereby very useful cooperation has been established with several Leiden organisations such as BuZz Leiden foundation, a Good Neighbour, Incluzio Leiden foundation, the social district team, Leergeld foundation, Gilde SamenSpraak foundation, legal desk Leiden, refugee work Leiden, association Playground Westerkwartier, Foundation 2030, energy district ambassadors (GaGoedLeiden) and so on. Poverty and climate change are serious problems. Problems we also have to deal with in Leiden. Moreover, the solution to one problem can exacerbate another. That should not happen. We want to work together to combat climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and switching to sustainable energy. By translating from Dutch into Arabic, Turkish and other languages, we will be able to form a clearer picture of the energy transition.

  • There is a good working network with the neighbourhood ambassadors. Our volunteers can undergo training through so that we can build a permanent LSM energy coach team. They will start working to scale up this initiative and make positive contributions to sustainability, climate adaptation, and biodiversity.
  • Through this helpdesk, we want to form a frame of reference and encourage energy transition for all migrants in Leiden.

The Multilingual Energy Helpdesk

There are warnings of higher energy prices. Rising gas prices mean higher energy bills. The Multilingual Energy Helpdesk helps you with advice on saving on your energy costs. We offer free small measures such as draught strips, radiator foil, LED bulbs. We are happy to help you apply the saving materials.

Do you have a low income and high energy costs? And didn’t receive an energy allowance yet?

The multilingual energy helpdesk can help you with the one-off energy allowance application.

The multilingual energy helpdesk operates in two locations :

  • Walk-in hours:
    • You can drop by every Monday from 15:30 to 18:00 at the house in the neighbourhood of the building Arubapad 2 Leiden.
  • Consultation hours by appointment:
    • On Thursdays between 11:30 and 14:00 at the following address: Oude Rijn 44b Leiden.
    • On Thursday between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm at playground westerkwartier Ten katestraat 10 A Leiden.

Would you like to know more about this work?

Or call 0685887463/0633447689 via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.