Together as a human family

Who are we?

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants (LSM) is a multicultural, humanitarian, social organization that answers questions in the areas of immigration law, legislation, material legal status, humanitarian practical legal social issues and social and medical support. We focus on newcomers, refugees, regular migrants (family members, labor migrants, family migrants or study migrants) and undocumented asylum seekers.

LSM is a non-profit institution, offers free service. We strive to provide assistance and services in a variety of languages: in addition to Dutch, English and Arabic, we look into French, Persian, Turkish, Tigrinya, and many more. The LSM foundation fulfills this role on the basis of a combination of legal knowledge, cultural background and command of various languages by its employees.

Why are we doing it?

LSM deeply believes that the modern perspective of a multicultural society should be an interactive process between different cultures and people. We see ourselves as part of a global movement to build a healthy, autonomous, local community, where peaceful dialogue and mutual respect are the norm, regardless of where we come from, or our race, colour or religion. Our vision is “Together as a human family.” It is clearer than ever that we are one big family and Earth is our only home.
We look at migration issues from our own perspective. This calls for a new social contract and to start a global reform process regarding migration issues.

We are experienced experts in the Arabic language and culture and by providing information and cultural translation into Arabic on the relevant Dutch legislations, rules, municipal decisions and regulations, we work on mutual understanding and integration. We also aim to translate into various languages: besides Dutch, English and Arabic, we also look at French, Persian, Turkish, Tigrinya, Amharic, Russian and many more.

  • LSM aims at a healthy, peaceful and justice society in which everyone can stand up for his/her rights. Together with partner organizations, the LSM foundation tries to reach a human, just solution for migrant issues in the Netherlands.
  • Many refugees who apply for protection in the Netherlands live with a sense of insecurity and are often confronted with legal and financial problems.

What are we doing?

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants Foundation works in two areas.

  • On the one hand, we work on day-to-day legal, social and humanitarian services that usually involve short-term, one time contact and solving practical and business problems. This could include offering a facility or providing information or advice, referral, and in consultation with the customer we can contact chain partners, other organizations and collectives to find a solution.
  • On the other hand, we work on legal and social assistance issues that have to do with process-based contacts. We try to find out what the problems are of our target group in order to find the right help for our customers.

We help by:

  • Gathering information and acting as a point of advice and consultation for status holders and migrants.
  • Organizing information evenings on certain legal issues, including training, work conditions and the labor market. It is important for newcomers to find their way in Dutch society as quickly as possible.
  • Legal, social guidance and support with individual asylum procedures for people with or without a residence permit. Also, the procedures for the regular residence permit holders who came to the Netherlands via an MVV entry visa.
  • Information and translation into Arabic (or possibly other foreign languages) of the relevant Dutch legislation, rules, municipal orders and regulations.
  • Translating from various languages: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Amharic, Russian, Spanish and many more into Dutch of certain cultural, social and legal concepts and expressions.
  • Bridging cultural differences through translations and cultural education to chain partner organizations in Leiden and the surrounding area. Also, by organizing social cultural meetings and artistic activities.
  • Organizing multilingual information evenings for the organizations that deal with migrants target groups in Leiden and the surrounding area.

There are also some open vacancies.