The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants (hereinafter LSM) wants to offer volunteers and clients a socially safe climate by pursuing an active policy to prevent undesirable behavior. To ensure this, LSM makes use of the following:

Code of Conduct

The position of LSM, as a social organization, entails responsibilities with regard to behavior towards clients (and vice versa). LSM therefore uses a code of conduct for volunteers who work with vulnerable / underage clients. The basic premise of the code of conduct is that there must always be integrity, honesty, respect and courtesy. LSM has elaborated this in its “Model Code of Conduct for (voluntary) employee statement”.

Hiring policy

LSM has a hiring policy for volunteers that includes:

Intake and introductory meeting

During an intake and introductory meeting, LSM gets to know the potential volunteer who has applied for volunteer work. The purpose of the interview is to discuss the talents and motivations of the potential volunteer and to check whether there is a match between the potential volunteer and LSM.

Volunteer Agreement

If LSM comes to an agreement together with the volunteer, this will be formalized in a volunteer agreement. This is of great importance, for example, with a view to insurance against accidents and possible liability.

Confidentiality Statement

Volunteers of LSM have a duty of confidentiality with regard to everything of which he / she knows or can reasonably understand that it is in the interest of LSM or its clients to maintain confidentiality in this regard. The volunteer is expected to make no statements about these matters, even after the voluntary work has ended. This is recorded in a non-disclosure agreement that the volunteer signs at the start of his work.

Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

Certificate of Conduct (VOG) is requested for LSM volunteers who work with vulnerable and / or underage clients. The VOG demonstrates that the volunteer has no criminal offenses in his or her name that will stand in the way of volunteering.

Questions or contact 

If you have any questions about this prevention and integrity policy, or if you have any question in general sense, please contact us at