LSM offers young migrants help to cross the cultural gap by accompanying them in their learning process. We do this by building a bridge between the education system in their homeland and that in The Netherlands.

About the project

While small children can adapt more easily to new situations, adolescents (12-17 years old) have often built up a life in their country of origin that they have had to leave behind. They have to learn new rules, communicate in a foreign language and find a new place in their peer group. Some have also missed some years of school or may struggle with the differences between the school system in the Netherlands and the style of teaching in their homeland.

The project “Bridging Learning” offers these young refugees and migrants help to bridge these hurdles in their education. It particularly concerns young people with a difficult home situation or whose parents do not have a good command of the language. Our goal is to accompany them on the learning process so that they can take part in school without feeling overwhelmed, and their self-confidence can grow.

We currently concentrate on mathematics, English, French, German and Dutch, but hope to also offer help in other subjects soon. 

This project is an initiative of the LSM and is carried out by LSM volunteers.

How to apply for tutoring classes

  1. Children or their parents can register by filling out this registration form.
  2. The mentor from LSM conducts an intake interview with the child and their parents to see what their requirements are and what difficulties they are facing in the learning process
  3. Lessons are planned currently for Tuesday and Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. These are limited capacity due to volunteer availability and Corona measures; we hope to soon increase capacity.
  4. We currently offer help in: French, English, Mathematics, German and Dutch. 
  5. The tutoring takes place at the following locations:
    • Middelstegracht 36, 2312TX, Leiden
    • Speeltuin Westerkwartier, Ten Katestraat 10-A, 2321 AW Leiden

The tutoring classes will take place with consideration of corona measures.