Our meeting space is a warm welcome, straight from the heart, for victims of war.

Meeting space  is a warm welcome, straight from the heart, for war survivors. Meeting space helps and connects people. It is also an information point and social meeting place for the families and children who were survivors  of the Ukrainian war.

Every second and fourth Friday of the month we organise an informal social meeting space, especially organized for people who have just fled war. There are also people who have been living in the Netherlands for a while. Sometimes there will be live music and there is always a warm and cozy atmosphere! Feel welcome to come and join us.

  • Dinner will be provided.
  • Our translators and interpreters we can give refugees important information about healthcare, taxes, BSN, etc.
  • There is a clothing collection point.
  • We will organise activities for children in our beautiful playground.
  • Stories for children will be read in Ukrainian, Dutch, English.
  • Opportunities for games, face painting and other children’s activities.


14:00 to 16:30 – information for refugees
Our lawyers, service and social workers, translators and interpreters provide information about, among other things, the healthcare system, tax, BSN applications, etc.

16:30 to 17:30 – storytelling time!
Stories for kids will be read in Ukrainian, Dutch, English. Also: opportunities to play, face painting and other children’s activities

17:00 to 19:30 – time to eat dinner.
Dinner will be provided by our social catering crew. On the menu: cultural and world cuisine.

19:30 to 22:30 – time for music and coziness.
Occasionally there will be live music but always a cozy atmosphere.

Who is organizing this project?

The Leiden Support Desk Migrants (LSM) was set up in January 2020 with the aim to continue our work in the Leiden region in a professional way. The LSM has since then attracted over 120 volunteers who work together in a supporting and international atmosphere.

For our new project of the meeting space, our international volunteers work with Russian refugees who have been in the Netherlands for years. With the help of our volunteers we shape our foundation. The volunteers work in the café, in the social catering or as delivery boy or girl scribe, as social legal assistant and as support for children in the Educational Bridge Project. Together we are working on shaping and improving our communication, reaching the target group and other practical matters such as finding a permanent location for our activities. We are also working on mapping and expanding our network and finding partners to work with.

Location: Speeltuin Westerkwartier, Ten Katestraat 10 A, Leiden