Under the name meeting space  vegan eat café migrants, the board of the LSM foundation wants to stimulate a stimulating meeting between people from different cultures and backgrounds. The LSM deeply believes that a modern perspective of multicultural society must be an interactive process between different cultures and people. We strive for a society with a peaceful dialogue and mutual respect between all sections of the population.

To carry out our mission “Together as a human family”, the LSM wants the trajectory meeting room dining café to start in 2020. We have made an appointment together with the board of free place Leiden for the use of the vegan kitchen. It is about organizing a dinner café one evening a week.

The Leiden Support Desk of migrants

From 20 February every Thursday evening from 6 to 9:30 PM

Address:  Middelstegracht 36
2312 TX Leiden
Tel : 0685887463/ 0715665619
Meeting space / Ontmoeting Ruimte /ملتقى المهاجرين